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Dr. Heather Buckle

Dr. Heather Buckle, ND, FABNO.

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PNWIM is the practice of Dr. Heather Buckle, a naturopathic doctor who provides specialized support for chronic gastroenterology issues (GI). Dr. Buckle has spent the past several years, serving thousands of patients with GI conditions including IBS, SIBO, fructose malabsorption, chronic reflux (GER), eosinophilic esophagitis (EOE), Crohn’s, colitis, and everything in between. During this time, she has gained extensive expertise in helping to manage these conditions and improve health and function for her patients.


In her practice, Dr. Buckle and her team come across many patients who have been battling chronic GI issues. Often, attempts have been made to manage symptoms without fully uncovering the cause. Dr. Buckle has helped guide many patients to the correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment to tackle even the most chronic concerns. She has extensive experience in managing symptoms such as abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, excessive gas and bloating, nausea, reflux, and difficulty swallowing. She can help you by combining the best  natural healing agents (including supplements, dietary, and lifestyle recommendations), along with prescribing medications when necessary. This integrative approach not only manages symptoms and helps patients feel better, but it also gets at the root cause, with the goal of healing the GI tract, to improve long-term function.

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